Silence and Speaking

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Ever struggle to say something?

You get that lump in your throat, and words fall out like a turned over toy box. Or maybe not at all. Silence may be your choice.

Whether you let it all burst out or stay frozen, the big thing that drives us when we’re upset is fear. We speak too much or stay silent.

And that can do a lot.

Fear can be a big driver in what we do.

Not because it’s a good thing, but it is powerful. We are afraid of rejection. Of being wrong. Maybe not being forgiven.

For many years, I chose silence. I was so afraid of speaking up that I just didn’t. It’s not an easy thing to admit, but it is real and true all the same. Writing and creating stories were the masks I wore to express the things going on in my head. Ideas, hopes, fears, curiosities.

If you’ve been wondering what I’m all about, it really is this:

I use to stories to communicate harder truths in ways we can better understand.

People often perceive silence in a negative way. And really, up to this point, I’ve described as something that held me back. But I want to also highlight the useful side of quiet.

It provides space for people to navigate fear and gather courage to speak. It lets words settle from their dusty chaos and sink into a person’s mind.

Silence is only our enemy when we use it to mask our intentions.

Truly, silence is a misunderstood friend in communication.

And it’s hard to understand things sometimes when you want to hide in the folds of silence. It’s hard to come into the light and be vulnerable enough to speak your truth.

Sometimes, a little word magic is all it takes to learn life’s secrets. If you’ve ever heard me perform poetry, I use pauses very intentionally. My stories and poems leave space for you to consider what I’ve said.

When you think of silence, think of it as space. Room to grow, to be present, to learn. Reimagine your fear as an opportunity, a new tool to use.

Most often, our fears are simply warped visions of opportunities. So don’t be afraid. Explore your fear of silence.

In Courage & Care,


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