Four White Horses & An Unexpected Surprise

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It took a while for me to see it. But the other day, it left me scratching my head. Right now, the only horses I regularly am in contact with are four white horses. That’s an unexpected surprise.

s.a.borders-shoemaker alongside white horse
Duchess, the Quirky Girl

I’ll tell you why.

It’s really the small things that can be so interesting.

I used to write a lot about Murphy’s Law. Or, that’s at least how I’d describe it. But what I was actually talking about was surprises. LOTS of them.

From chance encounters to too-strange-to-be-made-up incidents, I’ve seen my fair share of random stuff. I do believe in chance, but I also believe in small signs that God leaves to speak to us.

When I stopped riding after my horse’s near death experience and a fast financial downturn, I gave up on the idea that I’d get to be in regular contact with horses again. Albeit with a broken heart and loads of tears, but I did release that hope.

white horse in pasture, face close to camera.
Snowball, Mr. Grumpy Pants

Until I ended up helping care for two elderly, white horses. Within a year and a half, I would have the opportunity to ride two more white horses.

Want to know the irony? My last horse was gray, yes. But he had a white face. A perfect, white face. Well, that’s an unexpected surprise.

In life, you need to be pretty open to an unexpected surprise at any time.

woman on horseback on white horse without saddle or bridle.
Pie, Who’s as Sweet as Her Name

If you seek too much control, you’ll be miserable. And what’s ahead may not be as bad as you think or feel. I’m not in the dreamscape where I have a farm full of horses like I’d wanted in my late teens (and still do, in my heart). But this is pretty grand for where I’m at in life.

Small opportunities to speak to my heart. That’s a nice gig. I’ll take it.

In writing, if you try to control the story too much, you’ll suffocate the surprise of creativity.

It’s a weird experience, but stories really do write themselves. If you cultivate a series of key events in your story, it’ll surprise you just how easily words and concepts will fill themselves in as you write.

White horse's face close to young woman
OJ, the Goodest of Boys

As I wrote in the post Writing Tips for Teen Writers, discipline is the first step in finishing a story. You need to commit to writing the thing. However, being too rigid will block out other ideas from slipping into the story’s narrative.

And here’s the thing of it: if you don’t like it, you can always change it.

Nothing’s written in stone until it’s published. Don’t stress out about the process of getting things done. Sometimes, it just falls together. So, let it. Let that stuff fall into place. If you’ve done the prepwork, thinking, and outlining, then lean into trusting your own intuition.

Some surprises you can kind of see coming. Others hit you out of nowhere. Don’t be afraid of them. Let the unexpected surprise you. See it all as an opportunity.

What surprises have come your way recently? Share with us what it is and how you’re handling it in the comments below!

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