Real Talk: Dealing with Overwhelm

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I’m not immune to stress. Which is I want to have some real talk about dealing with overwhelm in this blogpost.

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Photograph by Laura Genschmer

I know a lot of people talk about it.

I’m sure you’ve read helpful stuff.

But I want to add in my proverbial two cents. Because what I think we don’t discuss enough is resisting the temptation to feel guilty when we take a step back.

I’m looking you, overachiever!

Guilty as charged: that’s me (if you haven’t already noticed that.) And I was surprised last week when I hit a roadblock that sent me flying. Overwhelm showed up and tried to take control.

I’m late with this week’s post and newsletter. And it’s never something I like admitting. But… I’m human. Shortcomings happen. And I did what needed to be done so that I can show up for you all. Because I deeply care about being a presence in your life that’s honest and encouraging.

If you’re overwhelmed, don’t be ashamed to reorganize your priorities.

Burnout is a serious thing, and it isn’t far away from overwhelm. So before you even get close to the ledge, turn around. Got a project that’s taking up too much time? Shift whatever you can to put it on the backburner. Don’t be afraid to press pause on stuff that isn’t vital. Your sanity matters, friend.

So when I started to realize that overwhelm wanted control, I took the reins. I carved out time to recharge, I took a break from the novel-writing/NaNoWriMo, and I let myself breathe. Sure, I took on an editing gig this week, but that’s not a stressor. It’s actually a much-needed blessing that I wouldn’t have been able to take on if I hadn’t already taken that time to reorganize.

The holidays are such a wonderful time of the year. But a lot of people also experience serious depression.

I see you, friend. And I’m cheering you on as you fight to find peace.

Let this post be a reminder to be gentle with yourself. I believe in your capability to make good decisions for yourself and others.

In Courage & Care,


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