Christmas Market poem

the christmas market poem, s.a. borders-shoemaker, christmas, ditty, fun, different
The market before Christmas, poem, s.a. borders-shoemaker

I’m switching things up this week. Get pumped for my Christmas Market poem about running a booth!

With things being hectic, starting substitute teaching, and whatnot, I’m making this week’s post a small bit of fun.

Without further ado, here goes!

The Market Before Christmas

‘Twas the market before Christmas

and all through the street 

was chance after chance encounter

to purchase gift and treat/

Alone I sat 

on the curb side 

tableful of books

hoping someone would buy/

When along came a husband 

who stopped by the display

called out to his wife

who came dashing my way/

What does this bird mean

what do your words say

I have a daughter who needs them

to celebrate survival this day/

Marked on her back

this bird displays

a life anew for her

and surely you too/ 

So off she went

blessing and book in hand

and I continued to survey the crowd 

from behind my book stand/

Second came a woman

of soft voice and ear

who knew the same lands so far away

that I hold so dear/ 

Offering hot chocolate 

beside me she sat

we spoke of esoteric things

for two hours flat/

Then off she went

 book and smile in hand

I felt gratitude for kindness and a purchase

from my modest book stand/

because sometimes we win

other times we fail

but when our meetings are glad

surely the spirit of Christmas  prevails.

Obviously, this is more fun than serious, but I do hope you enjoyed it. Just remember- there’s lots to be thankful for if only we allow ourselves to look around. And in a season where hearts can be secretly heavy, I hope it brings a smile to your face. Or even a laugh.

I graduate this Thursday, so I will try to share photos next week. Have a blessed week, friends.

In Courage & Care,


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