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I’m so excited to announce that I now offer copywriting and editing services!

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It feels so good to finally share that with you all.

You see, it’s been a long time in the making. And my recent blog post about working with editors was my gentle hint. Now, it gets to come into center stage as an official branch of my authorship.

I’ve been quietly helping people maximize their writing potential for a long time now. Over 10 years, in fact. In addition to being involved in the publishing industry in a variety of capacities for 18 years, I developed and have maintained an excellence for supporting other writers who want to share their words.

When I say “other writers,” here’s who I mean: professional academics, students at all levels, first-time authors, seasoned writers, aspiring writers.

But it can sometimes be difficult to understand just what the terms “copywriting” and “editing” can mean. So, I’m going to outline here just what it means in terms of my services.

What does copywriting mean?

No, it does not mean I’m securing a copy right for your work. When I take on a copywriting job, it means I’m going to help you with writing that is a) a daily/weekly/limited task, and b) that requires attention but is not your main focus.

This includes blogs, newsletters, and social media announcements. There can be some extensive types of copywriting, especially for website development. While that is outside of my expertise, I am more than happy to refer you to capable individuals I know you could take on that role for you.

What about editing?

I talk at length about how to work with editors in one of my previous posts; but for our purposes here, I’ll be brief. The primary work I do as an editor is copyediting. This basically encompasses me looking for errors in grammar, context, syntax, basic fact-checking, consistency, and style. You will encounter a variety of approaches from editors.

Spoiler alert: I am highly involved. I work closely with you as an author to make the changes needed for your manuscript as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as possible. As an editor, my goal to help your voice be as clear and understood as possible. The changes made reflect words that you would choose in real time.

I hope this has given you all some insight into what I’m now offering and answered some of your initial questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more things to ask. This is an exciting time and I can’t wait to help you all achieve your writing dreams!

In Courage & Care,


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