Word Harvest

words are the harvest of my thoughts

There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping, especially for authors. Our written work is a kind of word harvest.

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Whenever you read a published piece of writing, it is the result of a long season of labor. And it begins with a single thought.

And no, it’s not the first creative idea. It’s actually this:

Believe you have thoughts that are worth speaking.

Are you an overthinker like me? (Go on, I see you there in the back!) No shame. Thoughtful people tend to comb through their thoughts again and again. But your important thoughts can’t be heard if you don’t speak. What’s more- if you don’t believe that these ideas are worth sharing, then they will be just as you say.

Lack of confidence keeps a lot of interesting thoughts at bay. And the collective push for perfection makes us all terrified to say the wrong thing. To be wrong. This is where a heart of humble confidence needs to come in. Be open to being wrong, be willing to be right in controversy. Don’t be too proud for critique. And TAKE YOUR TIME to say what you need to in a way that makes you feel proud.

Discover when your words should be harvested.

I’m a careful woman. Not in the sense of being overly paranoid, but rather I am perfectly comfortable waiting to speak my mind. The mental reactions go through several layers of filters before I speak. Not that this is foolproof or without fault, but it has served me well. Yet, I also find that it can work a little too efficiently. This costs me my voice.

I find it is good to give your thoughts ample time to grow. Don’t rush that process. So often, I observe people jumping to be the first to say something. This is neither talent or expertise. Think it over and voice an idea worth hearing, for yourself and others. At the same time, don’t let overthinking prevent you from speaking. Your words could be very important, yet never reach the ears of others because of fear.

May your word harvest bring life, nourishing yourself and others. Take the time to cultivate, have the courage to speak. You never know what adventure or blessing it will bring.

What’s something you’re cultivating right now? I’m cheering you on!

In Courage & Care,


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