Fear & Anger

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Fear and anger are quick poisons.

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And it is a wonder that humankind keeps going back to them as a remedy for what ails them. Yet time and again, we witness the sheer force of these mindsets and how enticing they are in difficult moments. What’s even more interesting is when you try to write about all of this without sounding cliche.

Who hasn’t known someone who lost themselves under the sway of fear and anger?

Or experienced it themselves. It’s a reality we all face- the temptation to succumb to the dark voices in our heads when things get hard.

I can think of a number of examples going on right now that show just how much we corporately and individually can fall into this trap. Yet, I want to get more to the point.

When I wrote the poem, “Drinking Chaos,” I wanted to bring into the foreground the truth of how hard it is to break this cycle.

Systems of thought are difficult to break when you’ve been in them too long. And toxic systems make you forget your better nature. As the poem suggests, it is better to risk the chaotic healing process than be enslaved to the complacency of pain.

“If it means I will heal, if it promises I’ll be free.”

I want to speak to you- you who are struggling, you who are looking for a healthier, safer place to be. Take that courageous leap towards freedom. It is hard. Frightening. And worth everything.

This post carries with it a prayer for you. That you will find the courage to heal.

Have a blessed week, friends. Resist living in fear and anger.

In Courage & Care,


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