Sunshine and Depression

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Yes, this is a blog about sunshine and depression. Because it’s Mental Health Awareness month, and I deeply care about how you are doing.

We’ve all needed some sun and warmth.

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Not just from the literal weather, but in our hearts as well. To feel some relief from all this talk of sickness and mortality. This weekend, I took advantage of the warmer temps and just laid in the sun. No inhibitions or self-conscious thoughts of who might be watching. I just lay there, soaking in the warmth.

We sometimes can hold on to metaphorical winter.

It’s that chill in our souls that makes experience feel numb. It’s a defence mechanism, really. The problem is: this can also be an open door to depression. And with all that’s been going on the last few months, I want to encourage you to let summer into your soul.

As we need the seasons in weather, we also need seasons in our souls. They represent growth. Just don’t stay somewhere longer than needed. Let a little sunlight in. And embrace all that is yours, glamorous or not.

You are a marvellous creation. Never forget that.

Dealing with all of this is hard. It’s ok to admit that. And if you are struggling with depression or another mental illness, don’t beat yourself up about it. Some resources you can check out as someone with mental illness, as a person who wants to help, or even if you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide are all linked in this sentence. You’ll notice I included resources from the foundation I work with (The Lizzy Foundation). Please reach out if you have questions of any kind about what I’ve posted here.

Have you been letting the sunlight in? Or do you need to work on combatting the numbness of cold? You’re safe and valued here. Let us know how we can support you this #mentalhealthawarenessmonth!

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