Quarantine Challenge

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This is a season when despair is in easy grasp. Which is why I’m giving you a quarantine challenge this week. I promise to be brief.

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Writing for me is more than fun or entertainment. It is my way of reaching across the distance to communicate in a manner that is easily understood.

While I’ve talked about this before, I feel called to say it again. I’m only getting more and more messages about how much people are struggling. And today, this moment, I’d like to encourage some light back into our lives. Even as we still face this storm.

So today, I challenge you all to do this:

In your own way, reach out to someone. Let that person know they’re not alone, even in the midst of quarantine. Maybe that’s through a text or phonecall. Even offering to walk 6ft + apart through a park. Or even send memes. I love sending memes just to brighten someone’s day. Call me a millennial, it’s fine. I’ll still do it anyway.

Don’t know what to say? It’s cool, I’ve got your back with this video. Complete with humor.

You never know whose life it might change. As I’ve stated before, I work in suicide-prevention. From experience, I can tell you that lives are changed in ways you can’t imagine just because you checked-in on someone.

Friend, if you’re in need of support, this platform, my writing, is for you. While I may write about adventure and the art of storytelling, my deeper goal is to connect with you across the distance. So that when you read my characters, poetry, blog, or podcasts, you feel less alone.

So, will you take up my quarantine challenge? Let me know how it goes in the comments below or in an email. Let’s spread some kindness and cheer this week!

In Courage & Care,


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