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“Born in the city that remembers Poe, I came to the world with eyes of first snowfall…”

-Word Worlds, Frankenstein & the Phoenix

Welcome, friend. You are valued here.

I’m S.A. Borders-Shoemaker, Ph.D., a fantasy and science-fiction author and poet based in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. I wrote my first five novels between the ages of 11-16, and only continued broadening my horizons from there.

While my work covers a wide variety of subjects, each story or poem speaks to you like an old friend. Someone you trust and know. Each tale is its own conversation, voicing its own perspectives and boldly asks you to consider their ideas. They invite you not to hurry, to drink deeply and allow your mind and heart to expand. Each and every piece discusses how we perceive the world and how we might imagine it to become something better.

The Conscious Objection and Rooted In Time are my two stirring micronovels with strong female leads who are daring and dynamic. My debut poetry collection, Frankenstein & the Phoenix, has been praised by NYT Bestselling author, Jeffrey Blount, as “bewitchingly intimate poetry” that is “a touchstone for how we might look inward to find ourselves.”

Curious? Head over to the “Published Works” page to see all my available works!