“So, what deal are you willing to make?”

-The Blood Dealer: Chronicles of Dark Magic

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Original Podcasts

Series- The Blood Dealer: Chronicles of Dark Magic

The blood dealer podcast by S.A. Borders-Shoemaker

Become lost in the dark of the woods as we meet the Blood Dealer, a magical being who doesn’t play by the rules. Listen in biweekly as we find out what happens when one seeks favors from the likes of a Blood Dealer. If it’s a favor at all.

Guest Appearances on Podcasts

Publisher Podcast- Syllble Studios

Episode 2- The Conscious Objection 

Coauthors S.A. Borders-Shoemaker and David Newstead discuss their book, The Conscious Objection, and the intricacies of authoring a book collaboratively or by oneself.

Episode 4- Rooted in Time 

Coauthors Taiwo Adesina, S.A. Borders-Shoemaker, and Zeljana Varga discuss the process of team-building when writing collaboratively, as well as give some sneak peeks into their individual characters in their micronovel, Rooted in Time.