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Courtesy of Stephanie Michelle Photography


“If words had flavor, mine would be of earth: real and honest, a natural sweet with a little dirt.”

-Sacchrine Sour, Frankenstein & the Phoenix

Find here all available poetry, micronovels, and other published works by S.A. Borders-Shoemaker.


Frankenstein & The Phoenix

This debut poetry collection explores the concepts of chaos, rebirth, and how self-perception can hinder or enhance ourselves. It embraces all that was, is, and will be, all the while charging headlong into the dark corners of the mind with the brazen torch of hope.

Wider Perspectives Publishing
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The Winter Spring

This poem celebrates not only the changing of seasons, but also the beauty in change and rebirth of nature (and ourselves).

The Barbed Flower

Rose surrounded by barbed wire, black background, conflict
Courtesy of Palestine Voice, 2019

This poem evokes the struggle of those who wage peace in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly the Nassar family of The Tent of Nations. It is all at once a celebration of resilience and a call to action. 

Palestine Voice, Spring 2019



This poem addressing the themes of loss and the role of memory in making peace with our struggles.

757 Perspectives Vol. 3: All Are Welcome Who Come In Peace
Hampton Roads Artistic Collective, 2018


The Law of Thermodynamics

A creative take on the real law in Physics, this poem takes the imagery further to tangible examples of these principles in intimate life.

Canada Quarterly, 2018 (Out of Print)


For Keats

This poignant piece is a tragic response to Keats’ “Bright Star,” written from the perspective of Fanny Braun.

Sand Hills Literary Magazine, 2011


The Conscious Objection

Life inside the Bureau is safe, secure, and prosperous, an achievement Charles R. Bloomington is proud of and seeks to protect. Yet, not everyone sees it in an ideal light. Before long, everything as Charles and Eleana know it will be flung into chaos, challenging their initial perceptions and the consequences reverberating far and wide.

Syllble Studios, 2019
by S.A. Borders-Shoemaker & David Newstead


Rooted in Time 

In this female-driven cast of characters, what begins as an extraordinary opportunity for Harper, a Ph.D. Candidate, to research the past through time-travel becomes an ethical battleground. Assisted by the solitary doctor, Tori, and the prestigious researcher, Edith Strand, Harper must think on her feet to find a way home. And avoid being murdered in the process. 

Syllble Studios
by Taiwo Adesina, S.A. Borders-Shoemaker, & Zeljana Varga



This is a narrative surrounding mortality and the will to survive despite physical setbacks. 

Harness Magazine, 2018


To My Body

A brief letter exploring the relationship between the feminine self and corporeal body.

Harness Magazine, 2018


My Janes Who Fought Dragons

Wandering the paths of time, this short piece recalls the influence of literary characters on the development of a strong, written voice. 

Harness Magazine, 2018